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V4 BootLoader (V4BL) Walkthrough Video

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 129
28 Dec 2020 15:23

Hi Vampires,

For all Vampire V4SA lovers/addicts/groupies/fans that are thinking about trying out the V4-BootLoader (V4BL), but didn't dare to make the step yet I made a "Walkthrough Video" to demystify the complexity and help new users to adopt VBL:

Together with the "Walkthrough Guide" there is no excuse anymore:

Nice holidays and keep safe everyone

Michal Pietal

Posts 236
28 Dec 2020 22:35

Great stuff!!

Will watch the entire video tomorrow!

DiscreetFX Studios

Posts 145
29 Dec 2020 14:57

Thanks for posting a video about this.

Pierre Ranko

Posts 7
01 Jan 2021 11:05

Thanks for the Tutorial, works great!

posts 4