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Back in the 80s, Motorola was leading the market with his 680x0 CISC processors range, selling it to big companies like HP, Apple, Atari, Commodore, NeXT, SEGA and others.

Today, 680x0 is still used by industrial machines, planes industry, cars vendors and is still used by retrocomputing fans around the world.

Apollo Core 68080 is the natural and modern evolution of latest 68000 processors. It's 100% code compatible, corrects bugs of 680x0 designs and adds on top most of the cool features which were invented the years after.

When put in an FPGA, the Apollo Core offers a good combination of moderate FPGA space consumption and excellent performance. Apollo Core 68080 surpases the performance of 68060 ASIC by far - even when only using low cost FPGA.