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Apollo Core 68080 is not only the fastest 68000 series CPU ever, it also is the most fully featured.

Feature 68000 68020 68030 68040 68060 AC 68080
68 ISA
Extended EA-modes
64Bit MUL
64Bit DIV
Inst Cache
Data Cache
Fully pipelined
Super Scalar
Store Buffer
Static Branch Prediction
Dynamic Branch Prediction
Branch Target Cache
Conditional Rewrite
Instruction Fusing
Instruction Bonding
64-Bit Support
3-opp instr
Multimedia Extension
3D Instructions
Selfmodify Support
Integrated FPU
Pipelined FPU
Out of Order FPU
Out of Order CPU
Peak Inst/Cycle 0.25 0.5 0.5 1 2 4

Apollo Core 68080 advantages:

  • Fully Pipelined
  • Superscalar
  • Executes up to 4 instructions per clock cycle
  • Two address calculation engines
  • Two integer execution engines
  • Market leading code density
  • Optimal cache utilization
  • Separate data and instruction caches, supporting concurrent fetch/read/write per clock cycle
  • Automatic memory prefetching
  • Memory stream detection
  • Store buffer
  • Branch prediction
  • Fully pipelined, 64bit SIMD AMMX Vector unit
  • Fully pipelined, double precision FPU