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Update Gold 2.12 On My V600 V2

Giuseppe Marra

Posts 14
25 Nov 2020 16:54

Hello together,

I'm trying to update my V600 over USB Blaster to the Gold 2.12.
It will always stop at 12%. I really don't know what i'doing wrong.
Help me pls.
It's all connected well.
Here the log from Quartus
Info (209016): Configuring device index 1
Info (209017): Device 1 contains JTAG ID code 0x020F40DD
Info (209007): Configuration succeeded -- 1 device(s) configured
Info (209018): Device 1 silicon ID is 0x14
Info (209044): Erasing ASP configuration device(s)
Info (209023): Programming device(s)
Info (209021): Performing CRC verification on device(s)
Error (209040): Can't access JTAG chain
Error (209027): Verification failed for device number 1
Error (209012): Operation failed
Info (209061): Ended Programmer operation at Wed Nov 25 17:52:22 2020

Giuseppe Marra

Posts 14
25 Nov 2020 17:36

I recognized now, that i have this problem only with 2.12
If I go back to 2.11 all works fine?
Somebody same experience?

Roy Gillotti

Posts 517
25 Nov 2020 17:53

If you can boot fine in 2.11 have you tried just doing a exe core update install from the Amiga shell?

Giuseppe Marra

Posts 14
25 Nov 2020 18:27

Yes i tried, and i got the same problem, like if i flash ober USB Blaster. It says flashing 100% successfull but it will not boot up.
Shpuld i add something in my CF? or change something?

Roy Gillotti

Posts 517
25 Nov 2020 19:18

Likely need to do the power modification to the capacitors on the V600.

Giuseppe Marra

Posts 14
26 Nov 2020 06:04

I solved it. The problem was I had to add the Setpatch in my startup sequence.

Angel Valdes

Posts 6
08 Feb 2021 03:33

I have a similar problem.
  I updated my 600v2 to gold2.12 using the USB Blaster successfully, but when restart, I get the vampire image with v2.12 at the bottom, but in the RGB I get nothing... it just stays there for ever. CF does not boot nor floppy.
  I go back to gold2.11, everything works fine.
  Please help!
  Note: how do you add the setpath in startup sequence when it does not even get to asking for floppy or tries to boot CF at all?
  Note: will the capacitors solution work or what about using a more powerful PSU? (I just ordered one)

Giuseppe Marra

Posts 14
08 Feb 2021 09:53

Look here.

posts 8