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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

SAGA Chunky Mode

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6219
14 Feb 2016 16:21

    SAGA can display a Chunky plane.
    The chunky plane can be displayed together with 8 planar planes or alone on its own.
    Description of Chunky mode:
    $DFF1EC (32bit) (writeonly)
    Planepointer address to display Defaults to ($0FB00000)
    Any address in on board fastmem can be displayed
    $DFF1F0 (16bit)  (writeonly)
    Default 640
    $DFF1F2 (16bit)  (writeonly)
    Default 480
    $DFF1F4 (16bit)  (writeonly)
    Default 00
    Low byte:
    $00 = Chunky-DMA off
    $01 = 8bit Clut
    $02 = 16bit    R5|G6|B5
    $03 = 15bit    -|R5|G5|B5
    $04 = 24bit    R8|G8|B8
    $05 = 32bit    -8|R8|G8|B8
    $06 = 16bit    YUV422 Y8 U8 Y8 V8 
    High byte:
    $00 = normal
    $01 = Double output each X-Pixel (X-doublescan)
    $02 = Double output each Row (Y-Doublescan)
    $03 = X + Y Doublescan
    $DFF400 256 ColorRegister each 32bit  (writeonly)
    Format : -8 | R8 | G8 | B8

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 690
16 Feb 2016 14:35

on amigacoding I have created the categorie vampire and there SAGA

with your permission I would put there code snippets and infos you post here. Here there is too much different topics for programmers searching for informations to find the right one

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