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Using Maggie 3D Hardware for Classic 2D Games

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6196
22 Nov 2023 15:40

A lot was posted recently showing 3D features of the Super-AGA chipset. And using Maggie 3D unit for doing 3D games like playstation like games as for example racers like Wipeout.
Like this example here:

So Maggie allows you to make cool 3D stuff - but you can also use Maggie to make 2D effects.
You might recall these two games:


Even if the games appear to have some 3D look,
both games are technically 2D games ...
And both games use a technique called "Sprite Scaling" to "zoom"  GFX on the screen.
Zooming and Scaling can easily be done with Maggie.
So if you want to make a game like "Space Harrier" or "Outrun" then you can do this very easily and fast in excellent quality using Maggie 3D hardware.

Are you interested in doing this?
Then contact us, we can give you very easy to use code examples.

DiscreetFX Studios

Posts 140
22 Nov 2023 22:24

Nice, looks very cool. All new Amiga games should have a special Vampire V4 version.

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