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Sean Sk

Posts 76
21 Oct 2017 23:38

I have an ACA 1221 and the edge connector is bloody awful. When I received mine I very carefully, and I mean CAREFULLY, pushed the card onto the A1200 mobo. As I was doing so one of the pins got caught and pushed back and bent. I tried to move the bent pin forward again and straighten it but broke. The way the pins come out of the card at right angles and into the edge connector itself makes them very susceptible to being easily pushed back and also very fragile. Very bad connectors. I honestly hope the Vampire connectors are not like that.

I complained to Amigakit who I bought it from, but they shrugged it off as being my fault and wouldn't cover it under warranty. I checked the pinout diagram of the edge connected and fortunately found out the damaged pin was an unused pin and didn't affect the operation of the board. It will be the only time I ever buy an icomp A1200 accelerator card. Left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Josef Robbins

Posts 12
21 Oct 2017 23:56

Although yours was an extreme example, that is similar to what I have read. It is unfortunate because I think the rest of the ACA cards are well designed and Jens keeps squeezing more performance out of them. At least I can say that I've read better things about the 1233n.

Sean Sk

Posts 76
22 Oct 2017 01:24

The 1233n uses the same edge connector as the 1221. You're probably already familiar with them, but if you look closely at the pins behind the edge connector they have too much vertical length to them. They come out of the circuit board, are bent at 90 degrees and then go into the back of the edge connector. Because of the way they are shaped (and the excess vertical length) it makes them less sturdy and they lend themselves to easily being "levered" backwards out of the edge connector.
  Whereas with something like the Blizzard cards the pins are bent in such a fashion so as to minimize vertical length out of the circuit board as much as possible, therefore making them sturdier and less prone to being pushed backwards and away from the edge connector.

Josef Robbins

Posts 12
22 Oct 2017 01:32

I was afraid you might say that! So I will have to play the edge connector lottery and I hope I get a good one.

Roman S.

Posts 120
22 Oct 2017 17:31

Niclas A wrote:

Renee Cousins wrote:

  I thought the architetural limit was 8MB of chip RAM? At least thats the maximum UAE allows you.

  That is a UAE problem. Back with the Natami-mx showed 128 mb Chip. So should be possible but not relay needed i guess.

WinUAE allows much more Chip RAM (if I remember correctly it is called Fake Chip in the configuration window), but there is a cost: compatibility; some badly written software just crashes. 8 MB max, done the standard way, is much safer.

Roman S.

Posts 120
31 Oct 2017 18:35

I have a question regarding the standalone - how does it handle the PC keyboard? I assume the Windows keys will be used as Amiga keys, but:
1. Will there be any function assigned to the 'menu' key (on a PC keyboard - between right Windows and right Control)?
2. Where the Help key will be? Will the End key be used, or maybe something other?
3. Will there be any function assigned to Insert, Home, PageUp, PageDown, PrintScr, ScrollLock or PauseBreak? Or - maybe will they be usable in MMKeyboard ( EXTERNAL LINK ) somehow?

Mallagan Bellator

Posts 248
01 Nov 2017 00:39

Another question about the topic above, will the keyboard interface of the standalone support pressing and holding 2 or more keys at once? Games like The lost Vikings, for one, needs this

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