Sortbench - Multiplatform CPU Benchmark

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Minibench is a multiplatform CPU benchmark.
Sortbench is part of the CORE CPU verification suite of the APOLLO CPU project.

The test is designed to stress the following CPU features extensively:
  • Instruction Cache read / IPC
  • Data Cache Read and Write
  • Branch prediction / Condictional Code execution (IF THEN)
  • Loop acceleration
  • Near Memory Hazard Detection

The test measures the CPU performance under the following conditions:
- Working on real Data
- The Data set is relative local, should fit well in most CPU Data Caches
- Data access pattern is linear - like STREAM
- Some Conditional Code is executed - Typical IF THEN Code style.
- The workloop is relative short, so CPU with high Loop penalties will score lower.

As with every CPU test, this test does test the CPU under a certain set of conditions.
For some of your real live problems the result will look similar, for others they might not.