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Martin Soerensen

Posts 232
14 May 2018 13:30

Roger Simons wrote:

What is the difference between X10/11/12?

It is the clock multiplier, so the speed is different. x10 can be seen as ~7.14MHz x10, so x12 is about 20% faster than x10 (it will also push the hardware closer to the limits, so x10 is more likely to run stable than x12).

Rod March

Posts 119
29 May 2018 10:13

Now that this core has been out for a while, a question on stability:

I will soon be able to flash the new 2.9 core (FINALLY!) and I'm going to be running it pretty hard in my A2000 (rendering for days on end).

I was thinking it would be safest to flash the x11 core if I will be pushing it this hard, but maybe x12 is ok too - has anyone had stability issues with the x12 core?

Andy Hearn

Posts 365
29 May 2018 10:42

I've had no problems with the x12 core on my V2A600, but then as my IDE port has a couple of broken pins, i'm limited to floppy based testing - so I've probably not been able to push it as hard as needed to really make a qualifying statement in this regard.

the x11 core on my V2+A500 has been solid as a rock so far. have had to do run constantly for a few days to get the latest Apollo/coffin from SD to IDE SSD

as for an x12 for a A500, may need someone from the Apollo team to answer than one...

Chris Holzapfel

Posts 55
29 May 2018 12:15

I'm using 12x on my 600 and can say that I have no issues so far.
Works really rock stable, programming, rendering, games, Emulation. My 600 ist equipped with quite a lot of stuff with its case closed. I only applied a small copper cooler on the Cyclone and fixed the card to the 68k with that 3D Frame I found on thingiverse. Subway, A604, USB-Blaster, Cables for USB, DIGITAL-VIDEO etc. all inside. So I have a clean desk :)

Pat 3657

Posts 46
25 Jun 2018 22:38

I eventually updated my Vamp 600 to GOLD 2.9 x10, but now a reset with Ctrl+Amiga+Amiga won't work anymore. Reboot by command works though.
The thing is, I can see (LEDs) and hear ("default" drive noises) that the Amiga 600 is performing a reset, but the Vampire isn't, thus crashing the system. Only turning the Amiga off/on again works.
No problems with older versions...

Peter Heginbotham

Posts 197
26 Jun 2018 09:52

I have this issue to with the three finger salute on Gold 2.9

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