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Would Pamela Only On V2 Be Possible?

Mike Brantley

Posts 34
20 Jun 2021 22:55

Just curious, and yes I have read that the FPGA on the V2 boards is nearly full... But, I am curious to know would it be possible to implement only Pamela and it's higher quality audio on the V2 boards while retaining RTG and FPU? I do not care at all about AGA on my A500 and in fact prefer Fat Agnus and Denise to keep doing their things. But poor ol' Paula could use some Pamela assist. Heh.

RTG modes and ECS modes suit me for the graphics, and I do not mind using both the DIGITAL-VIDEO and RGB outputs for those, as well as the SVGA output from my Indivision ECS.

So, loving my V2+ Vampirized Amiga 500...but I do long for Miss Pamela. :)

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5413
21 Jun 2021 08:23

Yes you are right the new 16bit Audio features are super.
To me this is a major improvement on Amiga.
Not only because its sounds better, but also because is so easy and simple to code now. It makes developing new software using advanced Audio so much easier now. 

Realistically the V500 is 100% full.
I'm sorry to say this, but there can not be any new features fitted. :(
We did spend many month trying to squeeze more in.
But looking back these were wasted month and lost time.

I think the V2 is a great card as it is - with the features that it has now.

For adding new features like 16bit Audio the only sensible option is to make new cards using bigger FPGAs.

Michael Piano

Posts 36
21 Jun 2021 15:33

For future releases, is there room for a second FPGA to make up for the smaller chip or is this something where only a larger single chip can work

Does the v2 use the Cyclone 3 FPGA?

Mike Brantley

Posts 34
22 Jun 2021 04:36

Gunnar, thank you for the straightforward answer. Guess Paula will have to soldier on in my A500.

Nick Fellows

Posts 101
22 Jun 2021 16:31

whatabout pamela support on V1200 ?

posts 5