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SD Card

Erik Roy

Posts 16
12 Jun 2021 20:10

I cant mount the sd card under ApolloOS on my new v4, when i chance to coffin it worked without any problems, is there a fix for Apollo os.

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 101
14 Jun 2021 15:50

Issue: SD-Card with FAT32 format not recognised / not writable in ApolloOS

Background: ApolloOS R6 is compatible with most “out-of-the-box” FAT32 formatted SD-Cards. There are however SD-Cards with a non compatible FAT32 partition scheme.
For these SD-Cards the following DESTRUCTIVE procedures are available;

Windows Instructions:
- Download Rufus 3.x disk tool and install it on your Windows 7 or 10 OS
- Select your SD-Card from the list and choose “non bootable” for boot selection
- Enter “SD0” as Volume Label and make sure FAT32 is selected
- Check “Quick format”, uncheck “Create extended label and icon files” and click “Start” to format SD-card
- Eject the SD-Card and insert it in Vampire to test and use for read and write

MacOS instructions:
- Insert SD-Card in USB-Reader, open Terminal application and type “diskutil list”
- Note the device number x of your SD-Card, it should be listed as /dev/diskx
- Type “diskutil partitiondisk /dev/diskx MBR FAT32 SD0 0” (warning: doublecheck for correct /dev/diskx)
- Eject the SD-Card and insert it in Vampire to test and use for read and write

Hope this can help you

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