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Vampire A1200v2 IDE Issue

Jeremy Hubbard

Posts 15
11 Jun 2021 03:39

Very odd problem with my Vampire 1200v2. My SD card will not boot from the vampire ide slot, but boots fine from the commodore ide slot. I receive PFS-iii block errors on both SD cards which are freshly imaged with Coffin R58. Reimaged my SD card and same issue. Tried a MOD hard drive on vampire slot and it works fine. Any ideas? Thanks
  PS. Also get blue screen now on bootup when the vampire card is plugged in but not when it is unplugged. Perhaps i should reflash the card?

Jeremy Hubbard

Posts 15
11 Jun 2021 06:32

Update :

Flashed to 7950 RC3 and issue remains along with blue screen. When I remove the vampire card the blue screen goes away. Vampire works just fine so long as the Amiga IDE port is used and not the Vampire IDE port. Thanks

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5404
11 Jun 2021 07:00

Help me understand, you speak about SDcard and about IDE port in the same sentence.

Do you use the Sdcard in the SD-slot?
Or do you use the SDcard with an adapter on the IDE port?

The Vampire IDE ports are the fastest IDE ports in the Amiga land.
They are several times faster than the old Amiga mainboard port.
In my experience its very important here to use good parts.
Using short cable, good adapters and avoiding adapter chaining will improve the signal quality.

Did you try the port with a normal IDE device like a CF card?

Jeremy Hubbard

Posts 15
12 Jun 2021 04:10

I think you are correct about the adapter. I ordered a MicroSD to IDE adapter and will try it out. Thanks

Jeremy Hubbard

Posts 15
12 Jun 2021 22:31

Confirmed. The CF to SD to Micro SD IDE adapter was the problem. Installed a Micro SD to IDE adapter and it worked fine. Wish the Vampire was capable of using the onboard MicroSD slot as main hard drive. Love the vampire board, its simply awesome!

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