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Problem With the V600 V2, No Startup.

Vittek Antilles

Posts 2
10 Jun 2021 19:55

Greetings! After years I finally got around of setting up my Vampire V600. The Amiga is recapped and uses a modern CA-PSU. Let me say I'm a total noob when it comes to the vampire. So I installed it, fired up and everything worked. Went into workbench and updated the care to the latest version. Again, everything worked until I turned the machine back on after waiting about a minute.
Now on the RGB out, I got sometimes a yellow flash, sometimes red, but most of the time just a black screen with nothing happening, or the signal goes completely away. And on the DIGITAL-VIDEO out from the Vampire, all it does is show me the vampire logo (The red bat thingy) nothing else.

Anything I could do? Or did I brick the vamp somehow? This is GOLD2.12  core. Any help would be really appreciated as I have no idea what to do or go from.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5404
11 Jun 2021 08:30

Hi Vittek,

Does the floppy drive tick?
Do you have a IDE drive installed?
BTW we have a support channel on Discord which might make helping you here faster and quicker, please join it.

Vittek Antilles

Posts 2
11 Jun 2021 10:02

Thank you for your answer. I don't know about the drive clicking as i have'nt put it back in yet. And yes, I tried with several different IDE cf drives with no change. I've done some digging and found someone else that had the exact same issue on here.. apparently since i have a very early kipper2k version, i need a power and digital video fix on my card? I'm no stranger to soldering but i fear this might surpass my skills. Any trustworthy individuals that could do that fix?

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