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Series of 10 Flashes When Booting Into Apollo OS.

David Suter

Posts 39
19 May 2021 08:17

I have another question.
When booting into Apollo-OS from bootloader I get a series of 10 slow flashes of the HDD light before loading the OS.
This makes the boot time 2x longer.
The install is as follow.
DH0 - Apollo OS
DH1 - Stuff
DH2 - Coffin r58
DH3 - Programs
DH12 - Personal.
Coffin actually loads faster that Apollo now.
Is there a way of stopping the 10 flashes ?

David Suter

Posts 39
27 May 2021 10:00

OK, I worked it out myself.
I wanted Apollo and coffin on the one card so all I needed to do was delete the unused partitions and create one big one.
I only get 1 flash and then the OS loads now.
I also found my Vampire 4 is very fussy with what cards I use.
I tried a Lexar 128GB Micro SD card and it would corrupt causing the OS not to load.
I purchased a Sandisk Ultra Micro SD card and everything works fine and very stable using a SD to CF adapter.
The 128GB kingston CF card supplied with my Vampire 4 SA was very unstable and Apollo kept crashing when reading from this card.

Emufr3ak -

Posts 14
28 May 2021 14:11

Did have readwrite errors also with my CF-Card the Vampire was delivered with. Changed the Filesystem from PFS to SFS. Since then everything works fine.

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