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V5SA Without Connectors But With Only Headers?

CD32 Freak

Posts 23
11 Jun 2020 08:32


I know you are all busy with getting V4SA out to customers, but how about releasing a V5SA board in the future without fixed DB9/DIGITAL-VIDEO/USB connectors, but with only headers? So the user can decide where to put the connectors in their own chosen case? :-)

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5474
17 Sep 2020 11:02

Please understand that making a new board revision cost significant amount of money. Not only for the PCB changes but also for e.g. changed for the soldering robot.
Therefore there is no plan from us to do this.
If you want to put the V4 in an outside case and relocate some ports, you can do this already very easily.
On the market are USB and DIGITAL-VIDEO extension cables that you can use for this.

James Husted

Posts 74
17 Sep 2020 12:06

toget an idea of how to do what gunner said watch this video... neil uses a Mister but the principles would be the same.

Richard Statham

Posts 19
02 Feb 2021 22:26

Any new vampire SA should be Mini ITX form factor. Main thing im a little shocked at is the lack of a on off switch / button. I have decided to get a inline usb switch as a work around.

Bartek Kuchta

Posts 39
03 Feb 2021 12:16

Neither my A500 nor my A1200 had an on/off switch button. Both were controlled by a PSU just like V4 does.

Christopher Stokes

Posts 15
03 Feb 2021 18:12

I've been using an inline switch with no issues. I like the existing form-factor.

posts 6