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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

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Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 684
07 Oct 2020 11:52

there is certainly a market
  For example developer from old days who still have unpublished amiga games are announcing to publish them or even creating new games.
  Perhaps we can even motivate new developers to support vampire because they like the ideas behind. But it is still niche and market small compared to mainstream platforms including smartphones. It is a kind of hobby to support it (if ever), not if you need the money for living. Also there are software houses out there concentrating on retro platforms also announcing new games. I am not pessimistic at all, the amiga platform is showing much more activity today than f.e. a year ago.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5404
07 Oct 2020 12:06

For discussing what games are optimal for Amiga/Vampire ...
  maybe you should open a new thread?

Kamelito Loveless

Posts 195
07 Oct 2020 12:17

Aldrin O. wrote:

Gunnar von Boehn wrote:

Roy Gillotti wrote:

  God I hate the EAB forum, It's just not a healthy forum to be on.

  Some Amiga forum are not moderated well / or at all today.
  My experience is that reporting slander and wrong accusations to moderations is pointless.  As long moderators only react with "free-speech" this can not improve.
  With EAB I have the impression that slander threads are sometimes locked after a while. But the people behind this can just post another such thread when they like.
  If you look carefully in the forums then you can find hundred such slantering threats  - and I think this is the goal of these haters.
  They have to much time at their hand and use the internet to bombard projects  which they not like, with hundreds of slantering / hate / fake-news posts.

  Any chance of promoting Vampire outside of Amiga Scene? I think low level programmers might be interested in this platform. I know one community who are a bit saddened by the current state of OS's/Hardware/Software and might be interested in this platform.
  I was not born yet when Amiga came out and just recently become interested in Amiga due to some programmers in Handmade Community giving praise to the Amiga. I am planning to order a V4 next year and probably develop a software on it(Don't have the money right now). Have a look at the community EXTERNAL LINK  EXTERNAL LINK 
  I think having more young people who are low level programmers or even just programmers would benefit Vampire. Most of the current Amiga programmers seems to be more interested in retro stuff instead of next gen Amiga but more software is needed for Vampire to prosper(Only few are specifically targeting the Vampire platform as far as I've seen). So I think reaching out to other communities might be good.

Let me guess Casey?

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 684
07 Oct 2020 12:18

new thread started

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