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Problem With SFS Partitions With Gold2.7 (A500V2+)

Joni Valtanen

Posts 12
05 Mar 2018 17:26


I'm having weird problem with Gold2.7 and SmartFileSystem partitions. FastFileSystem partitions works like a charm.

I have for example 'Work:' formatted as SFS2. At the Workbench appears two icons 'Work:' and something like 'DH3:SFS/2:' which looks like unformatted partition. DH3: is Work partition. Work partition works without problems. I can copy to it and from it. This is more like cosmetic problem. I also tried to reformat partition and still the same problem. Also tried to change some partitions to SFS1 and the same thing happens.

I downgraded to Gold2.5 and SFS-partitions work like expected. Only 'Work:' icon appears.

Setup is A500 and Vampire A500 V2+. IDE to SATA adapter with SATA HD. SFS I use I think is is 1.277 from Aminet. EXTERNAL LINK or 1.279.

Any idea what might be problem?

Daniel Kovacs

Posts 35
05 Mar 2018 20:35

Mine is doing the same thing with SFS formatted partitions, doesn't affect usability.

Pat 3657

Posts 46
05 Mar 2018 21:05

Same with my SFS formatted DH1 partition.
  And DOpus shows incorrect space values, like -186M instead of 32G as it used to be with GOLD 2.5.
  Shapeshifter and Fusion no longer work (Mac shows the bomb) - maybe this is related ? The hardfiles are on my SFS partition...
  A600 with Vampire V2 GOLD 2.7 and 4xEIDE controller (OS3.9 BB2 with Setpatch NOROMUPDATE).
  Can someone please state the current version of scsi.device that comes with the vampire kickstart rom?

Mike Brantley

Posts 36
06 Mar 2018 02:22

Same problem here with my large DH1: SFS partition, with the extra greyed-out icon appearing on the Workbench.

David Wright

Posts 368
06 Mar 2018 02:34

Same here.

Pedro Cotter
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 304
06 Mar 2018 06:26

This patch fixes a problem with SmartFilesystem 1.279 on a 68k Amiga with an
exec.library newer than 45.20, such as those found in Cloanto's 45.6x ROMs.

The bug causes Workbench to display a second ghosted icon for the SFS partition
with the name "DHx:SFS\0"


Joni Valtanen

Posts 12
06 Mar 2018 13:14

Thank you very much. Patch worked.

If someone has SFS 1.277 like me, SFS 1.279 can be found at EXTERNAL LINK

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