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Running Games and Apps.

Wiling to Donate to a Game Recreation/enhancement

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 770
06 Aug 2017 23:28

Simple game wishlist of what simple games one would love to see on Vampires.
      I would start with old dos pickney, Ganja Farmer.
      Video EXTERNAL LINK      Info  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Screenshot EXTERNAL LINK 44610/
    You are John Parker, Rastafarian soldier, trying to defend your herb/pot/weed/marijuana/ganja field against American soldiers. You stand on your Volkswagen bus 1969 and fire bullets to the landing soldiers. Also don't forget to destroy bombers, helicopters and later on UFO, too. Game takes part in levels and after each level Rastafarian god Jah comes to help you, renew your weed plants and to give you some more power.
      Nice shooter. Music needs to be better, sound effects and various capitalist (and UFO and throw in some conspiracy theories) forces enemeies :-) Samples should be kept and enhanced :-)
  I hope gfx and animation could be better and more detailed :-)
      Developer:  EvilX Systems
      Publisher:  Xtreme Games LLC
      Category:  Arcade
      Year:  1995
      More details:  MobyGames
      Part of group:  Paratrooper like games
      Kickstarter would be good for Vampire games too,
      but ... i simply dont know enough coders and gfx artists.
      DJ Nick with little aid of Codex could be interested in doing the DnB music refix :-)
      And please, soldier should have more Rasta name
Oh yes, "Police In The Helicopter" is a soundtrack must!
SkyWikluh could do it, even with rednecks/shabani?

Matthew Langtry

Posts 195
08 Aug 2017 20:48

don't dos games run in pc task or pcx?

David Wright

Posts 365
08 Aug 2017 21:19

DosBox is how I have run them.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 770
09 Aug 2017 20:27

David Wright wrote:

    DosBox is how I have run them.

    I can run DOSBox on Android,Win,Linux and OS4, Vampire could too, and yes, game works.
    But that is NOT the point.
    Point is I find it one of funniest shoot em up, and in Jamaica and Albania, Kosovo (used to be part of Serbia and Yugoslavia) and I believe elsewhere, clashes of military and ganja farmers did occur.

Famous "Police In Helicopter" Riddim is devoted to it. 
    Would love to see it (game) reVamped, reCreated and EnRiched.
    Same goes for some not so known strategy games like
    Shadow President
    EXTERNAL LINK    Requirements of those games were such they could be reVamped.
    If not under same name, then in spirit.
    Gunnar mentioned up to 200Mhz Pentium games are "our target"
  On Ganja Farmer, would pay to include Marlon Asher inna Soundtrack
  EXTERNAL LINK    And Macka B

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