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Adventure Game Studio Possible Port?

Manos Sg

Posts 75
11 Apr 2021 11:59

Hello, fellow Vampires,

I have been enjoying ScummVm 2.2 and I have been wondering if a port of Adventure Game Studio is possible for Amiga. We are talking about an excellent engine which will allow us to play hundreds of adventure games well within the Vampire's capabilities, including gems such as the Chzo mythos or the Ben Jordan series, as well as commercial titles such as the ones from Wadjet Eye.

The source has already been made available and it has been ported to Android, Linux etc.

So, would it be possible?

Artur Jarosik

Posts 87
11 Apr 2021 18:43

It's has been recently integrated to ScummVM.
  Some games already works other not tested:
  Looks like game Kathy Rain from 2016 works good (available on Steam  EXTERNAL LINK )
  So I think it will be released with ScummVM 2.3.

Manos Sg

Posts 75
11 Apr 2021 19:34

Wow, Arti, how cool would that be? An adventurer's heaven in our Vampires!

I already own Kathy Rain (from gog), so I just gave it a check in my V4 with ScummVM 2.2 and I get "ScummVM could not find any game in the specified directory". :(

So AGS compatibility is not yet implemented in the Amiga version of ScummVM?

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