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Sierra Soccer (WHDLoad) - Keeper Bug

Cego 1200

Posts 43
02 Jan 2021 14:45

I wanted to play a game of Sierra Soccer yesterday, but unfortunately it won't work correctly on the Vampire. I used to play it on my Apollo 1260 for hours last year without any issues.
  The problem that sometimes occurs, is that the gameplay freezes when the keepers got the ball. It also happens that he'll slide out of the screen steadily after saving a ball.
  I can exit the game and get back to the main menu.
  I have tried all kinda options in WHDLoad like NoCache (WHDLoad will quit immediately with an error), NoAutoVec, NoVBRMove, ChkInts and ExpChip.
  I have even activated Turtle Mode via Control and disabled Superskalar and FPU. Nothing helped.
  I am using the first V1200 core, with internal IDE+Vamp IDE support. I don't know if there has been an update since then.
  My question is: can somebody test this game on his setup, preferably with the most recent core? and is there a way to fix this?

Cego 1200

Posts 43
03 Jan 2021 17:09

Have tried it with the most recent core and its still the same on the V1200.

One application more on my Vampire incompatibility list...

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 601
14 Feb 2021 14:49

Yes, unfortunately there are WHDLoad items which still have glitches with the V2.

Michael AMike

Posts 150
17 Feb 2021 17:50

Simo Koivukoski wrote:

Yes, unfortunately there are WHDLoad items which still have glitches with the V2.

I've doublechecked this bug - seems really strange. It's impossible to play a full 4 minute game. The bug occurs only in connection with the goalkeeper. The error never occurred during normal play. I have tested the following configurations.

A1200 2b Gold 2.13 Core - Kick3.1.4 in Flash
Coffin with Kick3.1
OS3.9.4 with Kick3.1.4
3.1 Bootdisk
WHD 18.6 - last WHD Sierra Soccer Install
VControl settings tested: VBR=0, SuperScalar und FPU deactivated, Turtlemode on
Tooltypes: NoCache, ExpChip,ChkInt

The game works on an A1200 and A4000 with 060 CPU - no special WHD settings are necessary.

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