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Old ECS Games Published In Spain - Great Pixel Art

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
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21 Oct 2018 07:10

Warning: website in Spanish!
  IRON GATE is Spanish publisher with great pixel gfx
  Pixel art EXTERNAL LINK   
  JoJo - the main gfx artist uses 320x low res with 16/32 cols. and has only ECS machine, as unemployed Spanish teacher.
  Company is small and has no budget for bigger titles,
  with games free to download.
  Some games are avail as cheap titles from amigastore.eu
  like "Else we Get Mad" EXTERNAL LINK   
  There are not too many left over development houses with coder and gfx artist. I do find that these one needs more fundraisers for larger games or other form of community support (Parteon?), a scenarist and - a Vampire for their Classic. Plus eventually better musician :-)
  I dont see anyone else could do some more software, aside Arti.
  We got only what we got.
  Your throughts.
  Video Else We Get Mad
  This game works in any Amiga with 1MB ram. 4 levels to explore and fight and 1 or 2 players.
  ASM Code Alex Brown ( alpine9000 )
  Graphics Jojo073
  Music Estrayk

Company contact and direct boxed orders amigawave@gmail.com 
AmigaWave interview EXTERNAL LINK 

Samuel Crow

Posts 401
23 Oct 2018 17:51

AmigaWave writes their games in AmosPro.  It's not that they lack Vampire or AGA hardware, they just need a powerful high-level language like AmosPro BASIC to support newer configurations.  Team member Michael Ness is working on improving AmosPro as are several of us without Vampire hardware.

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1896/ 1
23 Oct 2018 18:44

Samuel Crow wrote:

Team member Michael Ness is working on improving AmosPro as are several of us without Vampire hardware.

That would be a major ++ Yes, by reading what they do, lack of ASM knowledge seems to be major obstacle, but this great news are encouraging!

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