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Ulf Andersson

Posts 29
07 Aug 2016 07:54

This is very cool! .. And very systemfriendly :) .. Is there a more direct/brutal/hostile way to use the SAGA screens and resolutions?

What format is the BITMAP graphics? If i view them in PeeZee the colors are all scrambled. Have you altered the format in some way preparing them?

And again, VERY cool! :) Good work!

Philippe Flype
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 299
07 Aug 2016 08:42

@Ulf Andersson
Thank you, that's nice.
Yeah source code is quite system-friendly but not 100%. 100% would mean that it run on uae and this need update code for
a) use system bitmaps for the triple buffering
b) check if the selected displayid use R5G6B5 BigEndian pixelformat
c) use lock/unlock before/after drawing.
There is a direct/brutal/hostile way to attack the screen :) I can show you. But beware, the SAGA framebuffer is very flexible. It can accept any resolution. So this needs to init it with some complex code : Set the Modeline, Set the PLLData, Set the Mode (Pixelformat). This is basically what the SAGA driver does (in C) or  what my BootPic program does (in pure ASM).

The format of the BITMAP is : Uncompressed GfxData in R5G6B5 BigEndian (with a BMP header i kept but that can be removed)  which means one pixel = one word. I used a quickly own made program to convert from the gfx from png. This will change soon :) We will use another technic to speed up to render of sprites (using sortof RLE packing to reduce memreads).

Ulf Andersson

Posts 29
14 Aug 2016 17:59

I just wrote me a tool in C# to convert 24bbp BMP images to RGB565 raw file. Now it's time to get AsmPro going again and get your source to assemble and take it from there. If someone wants my convertion tool just tell me and i will share it. I'm not a C# wiz butt it works :)

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 601
14 Aug 2016 19:23

Please join to our ASM IRC Channel :)


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