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Amiga Future Is On the Lookout for Re-inforcements

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5410
26 Mar 2021 08:17

Amiga Future is on the lookout for major re-inforcements in our 25th year

As our printed issues of the Amiga Future magazine has been in regular
publication for almost 25 years, it is now time to massively increase
our team that edits the magazine and webpage. The intention is to spread
the workload of our entire team and to divide it over more shoulders, so
the workload for each editorial team member involved gets reduced,
though as a result of this staff increase, we also want to increase its
overall quality.

So, that the next 25 years will be somewhat easier for everyone involved.

The list of personnel we are looking for is quite long:

* Editors for the print edition of the Amiga Future
* Translators for the print edition of the Amiga Future
* News editors for the Amiga Future homepage
* Full commitment on the Amiga Future webpage
* Advertising management for the magazine and website
* Maybe offer some suggestions for how else you can assist us?

Editors for the printed issues of the Amiga Future
We are particularly interested in coverage of these areas:

* Demo scene
* Applications 68k
* Games 68k, AmigaOS4, MorphOS
* Hardware (all system areas)

Would you like to work on our print magazine for the Amiga that has been
around for almost 25 years?

Then just get in touch with us.

The following requirements are these, but should go without saying:

* You should own an Amiga, which is logical!
* You should not only own your Amiga, but use it. As in, you need to
know the way your Amiga generally works.
* Your spelling doesn't need to be perfect but reasonably OK.
* It is of course ideal if you have already written reports.
* Of course you should also have enough spare time to invest with us and
interest in doing so.

Translator for the print edition of the Amiga Future
The Amiga Future is in German and English.
As a result, articles have to be translated into each respective language.
We have sufficient translators for the Amiga Future.
However, when it comes to submitting articles, many text files need to
be translated in a relatively short time. This is our famous bottleneck
that regularly creates undue and unwelcome stress to all.
So, we want to permanently solve this problem.

To alleviate this problem, we are looking for more translators to
bolster support for our printed issues of Amiga Future.

Our requirements are that you should possess good grammar and spelling
in your own language (German or English) and also understand the German
or English language as well.

That is so you are able to understand what you are translating. However,
basic knowledge of the Amiga is necessary in all cases.

News editors for the Amiga Future homepage
The news area of the Amiga Future webpage has grown a lot over the last
few years, but that's not enough for our needs.
In the long term it is our goal that all Amiga news can be found on the
Amiga Future webpage, and of course we also want more in-depth news.

Some users already take care of the news on the webpage, but we still
need to achieve our long-term goals as well, so major reinforcement in
the news team is still required.

Full versions for the Amiga Future homepage
We continue to publish full commercial versions on the Amiga Future
webpage, as we have done for many years.
The aim is to offer users improved free and legal download options.

The effort to enable this is now somewhat overwhelming:

As the rights holder for such software must be found. That alone is
often very difficult.
After that you need to have their permission to publish such software.
In many cases, the software itself has to be searched around for.
At the end of the day, a package has to be put together, which can then
be published on our webpage.

So, we are looking for users who can support us as independently as

Advertising in the magazine and on the website
In our Amiga Future printed magazine we are currently quite well
supported with advertisements.
Nevertheless, we are constantly looking for other long term advertisers
for the magazine.

It looks a little different on the Amiga Future webpage. We also have
advertisements there, but not as much as we'd like.
We are quite openly looking for long-term advertisers there.

Advertising is a very important benefit to us,  as advertising greatly
supports our costs.

Without advertising, a magazine like our Amiga Future, as well as our
webpage, would not be possible in the long term.

How else can you help us?
- We look forward to each and every subscription and recommendation that
is made for our magazine, both of which are greatly appreciated.
We have a constantly increasing circulation, which is obviously good
news for our magazine.
However, for our goals to be achieved, a boosted content edition is

- Provided that we can supplement our editorial team for the magazine,
one of our next goals is to permanently increase the number of pages in
the Amiga Future. However, this will require additional subscribers as
well as sufficient long-term advertising customers. A sponsor wouldn't
be a bad thing either, but that is probably unrealistic.

- We also want to improve distributing messages about the Amiga Future
Do you have a news page, a blog or something similar and would like to
publish news reports about the Amiga Future? Then contact us. We are
happy to add you into our News distribution list.

- We are continually looking for places where we could add meaningful
(!) advertising for the Amiga Future.

- From the start of this year we have been getting to grips with using
our new software to manage subscribers, bills and other data.
Now, at last, it is possible to send Amiga Future subscription invoices
via email. If someone wants to accept a subscription offer sent that way
then please contact us directly, as it saves us a lot of work when
placing the invoices.

- With our new software, it is now easier to manage subscription bills
by direct debit, which also saves us more time.
We hope that as many readers as possible will use the direct debit
method of payment. You can find a PDF form for this purpose at the URL:
EXTERNAL LINK  Currently, direct debits are only possible within Germany.

Andreas Magerl

Michal Pietal

Posts 223
26 Mar 2021 14:41

I like this magazine a lot.  I have been subscribing this long ago (with interruptions though).

I managed to write two articles - a pity I don't have more time for another article soon... or the reinforcement.

Robert Pulfer-Ridings

Posts 53
30 Mar 2021 01:15

Now this very tempting, I use to subscribe to that magazine sometime ago. The issue for me is finding enough time to work on it. I noticed the pdf isn't in english. Is there an english version?

It's okay I will get it translated :)

posts 3