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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

Error When Creating/formatting New Partition.

David Ingebretsen

Posts 3
30 Jan 2023 18:10

I have searched Discord and this forum and found a few threads discussing this, but no firm solutions. At least nothing that works for my setup.
  I have a new V4+ Standalone with 9.2. 128 Gb CF card.
  I want to expand the supplied disc space to the full 128 Gb on the CF Card and then create one (or multiple if need be) partitions so I can install other software. The two partitions are pretty much full with wonderful stuff, but little room for other software, etc.
  Before I did anything else, I imaged the CF card with Win32DiskImager. Amazing application.
  Here is what I did:
  1. I expanded the disc using the supplied Apollo utility. This worked fine. Rebooted.
  2. Using HDToolbox, I created a new partition. I labeled it DH2:. I tried multiple different sizes from 1.0Gb to the full remaining disk space (edited to reflect I expanded the size I tried).
  3. I used the default SFS file system. The same file system on DH0: and DH1:.
  4. I saved and exited. I tried simply quitting and manually rebooting as well as selecting the "Reboot" option. Here's where it got frustrating...
  On reboot, I would get a plain white screen, or it would try to load workbench, etc. and I would get an error dialog:
  Software Failure!
  Program Failed
  Task: 0x025A5848 - WBDock
  Error: 0x80000006 - CHK instruction error
  PC: 0x00000012
  Wait for disk activity to finish.
  On the rare occasion it would finish booting, trying to do anything caused the system to hang.
  Here's what I did next:
  1. Held both mouse keys down, booted to Early Startup Control.
  2. Disabled DH2:. The system booted fine and all good, but no DH2: (obviously).
  3. I booted to Early Startup and booted with no startup-sequence. Great, CLI. I used the SFSFormat command and finally got DH2: formatted. This worked with all the different sized partitions I tried.
  4. Rebooted. I kept getting the above "Software Failure!" error or just an unstable system probably 3 out of 4 reboots. I was never able to get a stable system with a third partition of any size.
  I'm back to the original image now.
  I read a thread here:
  Where Michael MiB referred to a script on the disk: "Stuff:Expert/Prepare..." but I find no such volume, directory, or script. Can anyone help me get a stable system with a new partition? I'm fine with multiple small ones, one or two big ones, I just want some room to install some of what I want to have available.

Huggy One

Posts 8
27 Mar 2023 19:24

Hi David ! Any answer to this problem ? iíve got the same problem with my Apollo OS 9.3Ö

Henrich Raduska

Posts 62
28 Mar 2023 16:57

Maybe it's a WBdock problem, try disabling it.

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