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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

OS3.9 HDF An V4

Thebrainmaster 1000

Posts 2
08 Jun 2022 17:45

Hi all can i use my hdf from my OS3.9 image on CF in my V4 ? Kick 3.1 on sd card ? or copy all file from the hdf to CF directly ?

Thanks for help.

Red Bug

Posts 22
11 Jun 2022 12:22

Hi Thebrainmaster,
  In my opinion that won't work. V4-cores come with AROS-rom that is incompatible with AOS3.9. So, you should first boot to - for example - ApolloOS and flash the rom for OS3.9 using vampireflash from the shell. After that it should work.
  Another option is to modify your startup-sequence in OS3.9 to temporarily map the AOS-rom using maprom or vcontrol mr=yourrom.rom.
PD: I am not sure maprom still exists, but vcontrol mr=... should work.

posts 2