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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

Workbench 3.1 On Apollo V4 On 128GB CF Card

Martin Ketter

Posts 70
02 Apr 2022 03:18

I Initialised a 128 GB CF Card  in 8 GB partitions with HDToolbox on AmigaOS 3.9 with uaehf.device 50.0 in Winuae. I istalled Workbench 3.1 on this Card, but when I put this CF-Card in the Apollo V4,  the Apollo does not starts the Workbench. In Wimuae the Workbench starts.

Can anybody help me to solve this problem?

Sean Sk

Posts 488
02 Apr 2022 04:59

What Kickstart is your V4 using? If it is using Apollo Kickstart then you will need to patch Kickstart 3.1 into the Vamp with VampireFlash or maprom it with VampireMap in order for WB 3.1 to boot.

Martin Ketter

Posts 70
02 Apr 2022 20:57

I am using Kickstart 3.1. I patched the kickstart ROM 3.1 for the Amiga 1200 with VampireFlash The Apollo recognize CF Card that I used with the virtual IDE Controller in Winuae but not with winuahf device 50.0 that can uaw the full 128 GB

Bartos Lisowski

Posts 17
03 Apr 2022 09:18

A Example, A 128 GB CF Card with AmigaOS 3.1, or CF Card Bigger as 4 GB need Amiga OS 3.14 (or OS3.9 with patched ROM?) minimum, in-Rom updated scsi.device opens the Door for Large Drives like your 128 GB Card, and a Updated FFS-Filesystem is 64Bit capable to run on Large Drives,
I Use PFS3-AIO as Filesystem (Work & Boot Partitions) with is a faster Filesystem... Under AmigaOS3.2.1

Martin Ketter

Posts 70
04 Apr 2022 06:47

I nonly have WB 3.1 and 3.9 How can I do thar?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6195
04 Apr 2022 10:23

To use drives more than 4 GB you need the 64bit SCSI device.
While you can patch your kickstart this is a complicated process.
A very simple solution is using a preconfigured system which did this already.  For example Coffin.
Coffin is based on Amiga OS 3.9 with 64bit patches and a lot software for internet access already preinstalled and configured.

ApolloOS which comes shipped with V4 also support 64bit drives and also is preconfigured to allow easy internet access.

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