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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

How to Get IPM Working On Coffin

Sebastian Blanco

Posts 148
30 Nov 2021 03:41

hi, have coffin. R59 installed (fresh install), and like to try the IPM (idiotic package manager) but if I do an "ipm list" or "ipm upgrade" got an error "type can't open T:/tmp/list object not found returncode10"

Of course i have coffin setup for internet and go online before running it.

Theres a repo i have to setup before using ?, what is the secret to get IPM running ?.


Roy Gillotti

Posts 517
30 Nov 2021 04:34

Everytime I asked if there was an IPM repo setup for Coffin, I always got silence...

Terry Carter

Posts 4
05 Dec 2021 22:38

Roy Gillotti wrote:

Everytime I asked if there was an IPM repo setup for Coffin, I always got silence...

Looks like the response hasnít changed.

Jeremy Buza

Posts 32
27 Apr 2022 02:33

It looks like IPM has been installed since R34, but has never been implemented for functionality (the snippet in the release notes is pretty much exactly the same as it has ever been).
From what it looks like, we would need to set it up ourselves, but I have not found anything online about how to actually configure it properly, just the errors that it cannot find the configuration files pointing to the repo (as I am pretty sure there's never been a repo in place, since it's usually pretty hard to even find the latest version of CoffinOS anymore, led alone older versions).

posts 4