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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

CF-card Via PCMCIA At Coffin R58 Not Working

Björn 1200

Posts 19
15 May 2021 10:42

Hello mates from close and far in the lovely Vampire world.
  Hope there is any nice one who has Coffin r58 and can help me with following problem:
  I have a 16GB CF card (Transcend TS16GCF133), which I want to use via SanDisk CompactFlash adapter at my A1200 running Coffin r58.
  1: Starting Coffin with plugged in card, no drive pictogram appears. Also hotplugging doesn't show any drive symbol.
  2: Opening the shell and typing cf0: says :"no disk inserted in drive cf0:"
  3: Trying out Sys:Tools/prepcard. Seems, prepcard recognizes the card type, also by hotplugging in and out. But if I try to adjust the card as a disk and confirm the warning window which says that all data will be deleted, a new window opens and tells me:"Card can not be prepared: Failure during wrinting of changes."
  4: If I open System/format all drives are shown with their capacity, but CF0: shows 0K capacity. Pushing confirm button brings me into format window where I can shoose drive name etc. Now by pushing Quick(-format) button, it says:"No disk in drive CF0:"
  Following conditions:
  A1200 rev 1B, V1200 core r7950 x12 (Gold 2.13);
  CF card formatted in Win10 with Fat32 (different blocksizes tried without any success);
  Fat95 is in L:, CF0 is in DEVS:Dosdrivers. Both seem to be installed basically in coffin r58.
  Prefs/ Workbench Preferences say that CF0: is not hidden ("Always show")
  What am I doing wrong or are there still any necessary adjustments to do to
  a) the v1200 with Vcontrol,
  b) Coffin,
  c) anything else ?
  Best thanks in advance an cheers,

Nikos Pagonis

Posts 103
15 May 2021 18:21

Even though all this should be already installed by Coffin R58, just make sure you have the latest version of Fat95 (3.18 from aminet) and CFD133 (compactflash.device from aminet). Compactflash.device should be placed in Devs: . Make sure you install them correctly. Let us know

Björn 1200

Posts 19
16 May 2021 10:13

Hi Nikos and thx for your reply.
  Well, I could check the versions finally this morning.
  - compactflash.device = V 1.33 placed in DEVS:
  - Fat95 = V 3.18 placed in L:
  Didn't know, if that has any influence, but I updated also the SAGA drivers from standard of coffin to latest V 2.6.1. But nothing changed in situation.
  Also I took my physical 3.1.4ROMs out. They were still put in as they didn't cause any trouble with my Vamp. But nothing changed in situation.
  Well, I recognized that the system at least detects, if a card is put in or not. Because c:cardinfo says as follows:
  1) in case of no card inserted: "No PCMCIA card is present"
  2) inserted 2 transcend (16 and 32GB)133x cards:
    "PCMCIA card owned by: compactflash.device
      ERROR: Unable to claim card"
  Well, I think it might be, that I simply have uncompatible cf cards from Transcend. I have now ordered one Sandisk Ultra 16GB with 50MB/s (SDCFHS-016G-G46), because I had found some infos in web that Sandisk Ultras might be the most compatible cards and many different cards (even 16bit) would cause compatibility issues.
  Will give that a try when it arrives and reply back to you all here. Thanks a lot so far.

Uber Freak

Posts 22
16 May 2021 13:31

I was never able to get Transcend cards to work in PCMCIA, the only ones that work for me are Sandisk.

Nikos Pagonis

Posts 103
16 May 2021 13:59

Probably "Transcend"is the problem here. If all other drivers and files are in place then that is the last thing to look at. I also always use sandisk cf cards for pcmcia file transfer.

Björn 1200

Posts 19
20 May 2021 15:13

Hi together,

just wanted to share my latest test results with you.
Well, "SanDisk" solved the issue. The ordered 16 GB 50MB/s arrived this afternoon and works pretty fine. I can format it, copy and delete files, and play thereon stored MP3 files directly in AmigaAmp.
So all the mess was obviuosly actually just a compatibility issue with my Transcend cards.
So if you want to use CF cards with your (SanDisk) PCMCIA-adapter: Try SanDisk CF cards as described above ;-)
Stay healthy and cheers,

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