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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

What Do You Use Your Vamp Amiga For?

Smartroad 78

Posts 116
16 Feb 2021 12:30

I am guessing many will probably be using it for games? But wondered what, if any, productivity software people use?

I have used Wordworth a little but not much more lol

Robo Kupka

Posts 32
16 Feb 2021 13:11

I've been playing with Imagine again with its clumsy, yet challenging animation capabilities. Vampire rendering times are so much faster than with 68030@50Mhz, but still I wish Vampire was 10 times faster than it is.

Roy Gillotti

Posts 494
16 Feb 2021 13:39

I have mine setup near my electronics workbench, so I often use Turbo Calc and Final Write to make notes and documents that aid in some of my electronics projects I'm working on. Also If I need to get at a modern browser, I use TwinVNC to connect to my linux box. 

Jakub H.

Posts 39
16 Feb 2021 13:39

I use Vampires to rule the world and demoscene :)

Tim Noyce

Posts 140
16 Feb 2021 14:07

Listening to mods while I'm doing other things, a few games here and there.

Maurizio Tirone

Posts 54
16 Feb 2021 14:28

Basically for everything except internet and video.
Above all, you play games, enjoying all the titles that were not accessible before such as the 060 ones as I had the 030.

A lot of mp3, I watch the demo scene a lot ...

Tim Trepanier

Posts 125
16 Feb 2021 16:33

I want to show off my V1200 to old friends that had Amiga's or where interested in them back in the back day. But, Covid lockdowns are preventing that.

I want to get into Amiga programming. Now that i've been a programmer for nearly three decades i'm sure i could a better job then when i was a kid. But, finding the time to set a development environment and start learning is harder then then i thought.

I want to play around with 3D graphics and other classic Amiga software. But every time i turn on my A1200 i get distracted by games, music and demos.

In conclusion, i have a lot productive Amiga desires but end up relaxing in nostalgia land.

Manos Sg

Posts 83
16 Feb 2021 16:46

What a nice thread!

I use my V4 for writing the scripts for my YT channel as well as some documents related to work.

I have been meaning to learn to use MilkyTracker and to improve my AMOS skills, but still haven't found the time to do these.

Nikos Pagonis

Posts 103
16 Feb 2021 17:57

Basically everything that has to do with Amiga, i try to do them on my V1200. Browsing the internet on amiga sites, getting my Gmail and reply many times, listem to my mp3s, creating hand made distros fully operational with lots of addons and apps, networking it with the rest of pcs in the house and in general testing its limits and possibilities. Vampire has given new life to my old lady and we are having great fun!!

Michal Pietal

Posts 235
17 Feb 2021 19:11

Games - mostly.
Demos also.
Beta-Surfing, too.
Administration issues, installation, curation / updates - sometimes.

Soon: native C/C++ dev (via CubicIDE).

Stephen Conway

Posts 1
03 Mar 2021 18:12

I can't get my Gmail using my v2 500 vampire had to setup simple mail to view my Gmail is it possible to view Gmail using ibrowse2. 5 thanks

Michal Pietal

Posts 235
03 Mar 2021 19:11

How about forcing html view (should be doable via the custom uri)?

Antony Coello

Posts 135
03 Mar 2021 20:55

Michal Pietal wrote:

  Soon: native C/C++ dev (via CubicIDE).

Hey Michal, I tried CubicIDE (CoffinOSr57 installed version) but it seemed to be unstable/crash when I tried doing stuff with it.

I wonder if its my 'achilles heel' half meg chipram A500 Agnus, or something on CoffinOS thats causing the trouble?

Anyway, back on topic; I am learning the Amiga hardware, so as to port a game from PC (not sure whether to use C, or a macro heavy assembly yet.) Im currently using Devpac 3, but may resort to SAS/C (and maybe use CubicIDE if I can figure out whats wrong at some point).

Sean Sk

Posts 464
03 Mar 2021 21:14

The things I use my Vamp'ed up Amiga for:
  1. Web browsing via NetSurf and iBrowse. For the more difficult to render web pages I use Web Rendering Proxy.
  2. YAM for emails. Use the current dev version that works with AmiSSL 4.7.
  3. Final Writer 97 for everyday word processing. I use this a lot and it does everything I need it to.
  4. AmigaAmp for MP3's and internet radio stations.
  5. Games

Michal Pietal

Posts 235
04 Mar 2021 08:41

My CubicIDE install is pretty much stable however I wasn't trying it thoroughly yet.

Michael Piano

Posts 39
04 Mar 2021 15:12

Nothing until I can find my power supply. Argh!

posts 16