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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

Select a NetInterface. I Cant See V2expeth.device

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 45
08 Sep 2019 10:33

Hey guys....... help me here :)

OK, I did install the network module for my Vampire. Right now I am using an Ariadne in my A2500.

Removing Ariadne interface and trying to add a v2expeth device in the menu Select a netInterface........... but I cant see this driver loaded there.

Everything is installed correctly. Any idea what I can do here ?


Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 45
08 Sep 2019 11:10

ok ok........ all fixed.
  They were missing here dh0:Storage/NetInterfaces/
  Not idea how this happened but now is working. I can remove my Ariadne :) and leave the hard work to my lovely Vampire.
  note: When I bought and installed Roadshow seems it deleted all the netinterfaces this is why I saw those files missing.

Martin Soerensen

Posts 232
09 Sep 2019 09:10

Maybe that is why the docs for coffin says that if you buy Roadshow, do not use its installer but simply overwrite the files manually? :-)

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 45
10 Sep 2019 00:47

he he...... you are right Martin. But I saw that message after I did everything :).

So much information when I was dealing with Toaster issues, DCTV, Indivision ECS..... I guess, this is Amiga life.... dont use the computer, just open the case and fight with boards and hardware :)

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