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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

Coffin R54

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1916/ 1
13 Aug 2019 09:13

r54 :
(31.07.18) Improved PC-Task settings file
(31.07.18) Added DJCollins mod collection
(01.08.18) Improved ShapeShifter launch script
(01.08.18) Added Bryce2 to Programs Mac hardfile
(04.08.18) Updated VControl to 1.9 (flype)
(19.08.18) Updated HHexen game for music (Arti)
(19.08.18) Added Insidia game
(25.08.18) Cleaned Datatypes directory
(25.08.18) Added UHCTools 1.1 (David Eriksson)
(26.08.18) Fixed Warcraft2 launch parameters for MacOS8.1
(31.08.18) Updated JFIF datatype to 44.9 (Bax)
(08.09.18) Updated sdnet.device to 1.95 (Bax)
(08.09.18) Updated v2expeth.device to 1.95 (Bax)
(15.09.18) Added ~300 wallpapers
(15.09.18) Added MUIWBPattern 1.2 (disabled by default)
(15.09.18) Added PicShow 1.30
(15.09.18) Updated AIBB to 6.7 (SpeedGeek)
(03.10.18) Updated pfs3aio to 19.2 compiled for 68020-60 (Toni)
(10.10.18) Added SQRXZ games
(14.10.18) Updated Cinema4D with FPU binary
(14.10.18) Added TuxPuck game (Ozzyboshi)
(20.10.18) Updated smbfs to 1.183 (Olaf Barthel)
(22.10.18) Updated cores to GOLD2.11
(22.10.18) Updated NetSurf to 17Oct2018 build (Arti)
(22.10.18) Updated DizzyTorrent to 2.0 (David Zvekic)
(29.10.18) Updated icon.library to 46.4.505 (PeterK)
(29.10.18) Added iGame 2.0b4 (Dimitris Panokostas)
(29.10.18) Updated WHDLoad Demos set with latest 2018-09-28 DAT (RetroPlay)
(29.10.18) Updated WHDLoad Games set with latest 2018-10-27 DAT (RetroPlay)
(30.10.18) Updated MCC BetterString to 11.33 (Jens Maus)
(30.10.18) Updated MCC TextEditor to 15.51 (Jens Maus)
(01.11.18) Added Wet 6.6 (Chris Young)
(01.11.18) Updated paula.audio AHI driver to 4.33 (Henryk Richter)
(01.11.18) Updated EaglePlayer 14Bit Amplifier to 10.15 (Henryk Richter)


Stefano Briccolani

Posts 586
13 Aug 2019 09:29

R54 is not a new version. Only the site is graphically changed..maybe a new version is incoming?

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1916/ 1
13 Aug 2019 12:10

Surely, not a frash daisy and been up for some time now.
Just somehow was missed here.

I suppose as cores progresses and testers do their job, as well
as m68k coders, we will always have something new every few months.

I miss the dark literal Coffin ;)

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 150
13 Aug 2019 14:03

Hoping for a new Coffin !!!

posts 4