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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

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Matthew Burroughs

Posts 59
03 Apr 2018 19:56

Matthew Burroughs wrote:

Would SETI be possible on the Vampire?
  Been running it for years on my PC, just chugs along in the background until i launch a game.

OK, got a bit heated here.

Need to get some fire buckets going!!


If the Vampire is powerful enough to have spare CPU time going - (Theres an APP for that now! :)then why not put them to good use?

I don't have a A vampire yet, but am very interested in getting one.

Odd little weird programs like SETI are perfect for a small skilled group of programmers to knock up fairly quickly.

Which i am not.

But which Amiga fans are more likely to be.

Mr Niding

Posts 459
03 Apr 2018 20:22

  Odd exchange in this thread. I realise your background (work), and obviously you are knowledgable with regards to using computer as a tool efficiently.
  But that aside; I dont see the problem with running SETI on a Vampire. Not for the sake of efficiency.
  That begs the question, why even use the Amiga at all for anything? My Wintel does everything I need with no hassle, so even frequenting this forum or even babbling with Amiga hardware is pure insanity.
  But I assume we get enjoyment out of it; some pixelarts, normal day to day wordprocessing, 3D art/modeling etc etc.
  I doubt you will find anyone suggesting Vampires are better (in terms of raw performance) than the current gigaperformance intels/AMDs or GPUs. Even if we could make Vampirefarms to increase processing.
  What are YOU using your Amiga (and potentially Vampire) for? And are there any tasks on the Amiga you couldnt do more efficiently on Windows, Linux, IOS etc?

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