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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

What Do AMOS Help Assign

Elko 3000

Posts 12
26 Mar 2018 17:32

Hi to all, i need assistence, what do "AMOS help assign" in Coffin. Find this in changelog.

Mike H

Posts 7
30 Mar 2018 03:49

Hi Alex,
AMOS is a tool for programming your own games & demos.
Assigns are like "virtual drives" in AmigaOS. They let you create a top-level folder that points to another folder somewhere deeper on your hard drive.
When you install AMOS on a hard drive, it creates several of these assigns. I know from experience that it also creates them in the root of your "System" partition. In Coffin, AMOS has been moved to a different folder (found in the "Programming" drawer of the "Software" partition), and I'm guessing the maintainer just forgot to update the location of AMOS help assign.
So the bottom line is, this is only important if you want to use AMOS, and then it only fixes the loading of the built-in help files. No big deal :)

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