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V4 Bootloader V2.3 Released

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 127
10 Nov 2020 17:05

Walkthrough Guide: EXTERNAL LINK 
Registered users: please look in your mail for upgrade instructions

New users: please register for free at: willemdrijver@mac.com 
V4 Core / ApolloOS Release 4
- Support for Core Release 4 (build 7754)
- Support for Clean Install of new ApolloOS Release 4 (clear OS partition & full copy)
- Support for Upgrade to new ApolloOS Release 4 (keep OS partition & only update files)
V4BL OS Installers
- Automatically updates SAGA Driver on ALL your installed Amiga OS-es incl. AmiKIT
- AROSBASE install changed from file-copy to ZIP-extraction
- Support for V45 Intuition Library on Amiga OS
-MCP Clock issue with ApolloOS is fixed
- New Amiga OS wallpapers in 1280x720 screen resolution

V4BL Erase Menu
- Fixed issues with ApolloOS / Coffin erase

V4BL running on UAE Emulator (experimental)
- V4BL image (file) or V4BL CF-Card (physical) can be mounted on UAE
- V4BL Menu recognises UAE and start special Menu
- Menu options for now are: “Turbo” Preload of ApolloOS and Coffin

Michal Pietal

Posts 236
10 Nov 2020 18:03


Will update tonight, after the core RELEASE 4 update.

Eric Gus

Posts 476
11 Nov 2020 05:46

This is an amazing tool for Vampire owners ..

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