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Vampire V4BootLoader V2.0 - Sneak Preview

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 129
01 Oct 2020 20:30

Hello Vampires!

I like to share a sneak preview of V4BootLoader-V2.0 (V4BL) planned for release on 10-10-2020.  V4BL is a multi-boot framework allowing you to install and boot ApolloOS, Coffin, AmiKIT-XE, AOS1.3, AOS3.1, AOS3.9, AOS3.1.4.1, AROS and EmuTOS from one single 64Gb CF-Card. If you like this idea, please share with all your favorite Amiga channels/forums. Feedback/tips and registration to receive download link on 10-10-2020 to: willemdrijver@mac.com  Have FUN!


James Husted
(Needs Verification)
Posts 81/ 3
02 Oct 2020 01:57

are there any betas or test builds of this for us to try?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6235
02 Oct 2020 07:55

Excellent work!

Red Bug

Posts 22
02 Oct 2020 07:57

This is absolutely amazing - great work - thx and congrats !

Marc C

Posts 22
02 Oct 2020 08:53

Excellent! Will it work on V1200? many thx

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 129
02 Oct 2020 10:12

V1200 is on the roadmap after release for V4. I will have to install my own V1200 first (its lying around and I don't have the time...) and see what changes to be made, but I cannot imagine that there is much difference. So a little patience :-).

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 129
02 Oct 2020 10:15


No, I am sorry.
  I will release on 10-10 the version to a small number of people that have registered by mail.
  Bear in mind that this is NOT an official Apollo Team release, but only a hobby project.
  So I wan't to manage support to the people who want to use it and not burden the Apollo Team.
  Please sent me a mail if you want to be one of the first group.

Marc C

Posts 22
02 Oct 2020 22:24

Great news! thank you i will wait ;)

Thomas Blatt

Posts 200
03 Oct 2020 07:23

Great work :)

Stephan Hamers

Posts 22
06 Oct 2020 00:26

Geniaal, I mean, so many OSSes to load!
Just terrific!!!

Michal Pietal

Posts 236
06 Oct 2020 20:01

Email sent on Sunday.

Reminds me of a quote I heard once before:

"One chip to rule them all!"

It certainly came true at that point, and in this case, all definitely means "all that it takes for making computing fun again"!!

Michal Pietal

Posts 236
11 Oct 2020 18:36

A bit delayed but still, inevitable!

This software rocks!  At last, the only "swappable" thing concerning V4 would be uploading subsequent cores...

...and speaking of it, PlexiLaser delivers a fine V4SA cover which has the Blaster cable IN, put towards the cover (as a port), which makes any core update not requiring dismantling, unscrewing anything etc.

The said cover, used to have more upgrades (other ports, LEDs) but this is unfortunately discontinued.  As I got it lately and had assembled, I can only recommend this solution, especially to all Vampire users that will use the Boot Loader option!


DiscreetFX Studios

Posts 145
15 Oct 2020 05:45

Awesome solution!

Olle Haerstedt

Posts 110
15 Oct 2020 08:50

OS 3.2 is a thing? Totally missed that. :)

Great video!

Michal Pietal

Posts 236
18 Oct 2020 21:16

So, it is a fact now.

After previous successes, now installing seventh (out of eight) Amiga OSes supported!

Hope that creators of AmigaSYS, ClassicWB or AiaB would join the party!

A recent video (manual) here:


posts 15