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Is There a Newer Core Available?

Adam Whittaker
(Needs Verification)
Posts 270/ 1
07 Aug 2019 16:19

Hi its been a while since i used my vamp as my 600 has been away for repair and recap - i just got it back and was wondering of there has been a newer version of the gold 3 core as if there is i will go with this to save putting my indivision ecs back in. If not then thats fine i figured id ask!

Roy Gillotti

Posts 517
07 Aug 2019 17:39

  Also an early release of Gold 2.12 (USB Blaster only):

Herbert Markart

Posts 45
08 Aug 2019 05:19

I am also waiting hard for GOLD3.
I was hoping and thought that it would be released in July with the A1200 Version until i read there last activity report which stated that it only contains also the gold2 branch.

Eric Gus

Posts 478
08 Aug 2019 07:46

yea it would be nice to at least get an updated core3 beta ..

Mike Kopack

Posts 268
08 Aug 2019 13:33

eric gus wrote:

yea it would be nice to at least get an updated core3 beta ..

They keep saying that one is likely coming. Right now all resources are on getting the V4SA out the door but that elements from the v4SAs core will be backported into the V2s core3.  Just takes time hang. I know, Im anxious for it too. I use core3 on my A500...

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