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Core 3.0 In Vampire 500 V2+page  1 2 3 

Roy Gillotti

Posts 517
15 Jul 2019 17:29

Jonny Pulli wrote:

So now i have the USB Blaster, but windows cant install the driver!!
  What to do, i tried Altera webpage and downloaded 16.1 driver dont work!

Well you will want the 13.1 version of Quartus II first off..


Jonny Pulli

Posts 50
15 Jul 2019 18:21

Well i fixed! :)
Now i have to fix wb screen setup..... now 4 colour .....

I have the Gold 3 Alpha now :)

Jonny Pulli

Posts 50
15 Jul 2019 21:55

So I now have Gold 3 Alpha installed :) but I only get 4 colors in WB, how do you fix it? and how to get more colors and higher resolution ..
I have tested a few games and it looks fantastic! :)

Jonny Pulli

Posts 50
16 Jul 2019 12:14

I sorted it out, set "Pal hires" and now it look nice :)

Adam Polkosnik

Posts 30
01 Sep 2019 19:38

Any chance for a new version of 3.0 alpha? Thanks!

Apollon Jan

Posts 27
09 Oct 2019 00:43

Adam Polkosnik wrote:

Any chance for a new version of 3.0 alpha? Thanks!

I don't think so as long as the v4 hasn't been released yet. At least that's how it was often composed. V4 SA should be released first and then the ECS/AGA core should be ported to v2, only if it runs really well.

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