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Next Aga Beta Release ?

Michael Nurney

Posts 283
04 Jan 2019 18:35

Any news on any more updates guys ?

The next vamp2 core update is eagerly being anticipated....

Thank again ;)

Renaud Schweingruber
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 372
04 Jan 2019 22:56

Hey Michael ;-)

Pretty much all as been said in last activity report : focus is today V4 Standalone


Michael Nurney

Posts 283
04 Jan 2019 23:49

Hi Renaud ,

Thanks for the response as I appreciate that the v4 is the main focus at the mo.

I just wondered if one of the alpha or beta test builds could released to the general public to let us play until the v4 comes along.

Mike :)

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 586
05 Jan 2019 10:51

I think that a core with AGA and RTG would make a lot of vampirev2 owners very happy, so I hope it will arrive soon or later..

Greg Thomas

Posts 24
05 Jan 2019 13:25

An accelerator card with built in graphics card which keeps updating and getting better. How awesome is this thing? :-)

Sebastian Blanco

Posts 148
14 Jan 2019 21:33

If only the aga core have another screen mode that is 4:3 like 640x480 or something like this it could be much more usable.
So i don't lost access to the macos emulators on this core.

Niclas A
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 219
15 Jan 2019 21:58

Tried this?

Sebastian Blanco

Posts 148
17 Jan 2019 17:10

I don;t think that could be usefull.
The issue is that using the AGA core if you choose any other mode that is not 640x200 or overscan the screen will corrupt and the amiga will become unusable.

posts 8