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This forum is for people interested in the APOLLO CPU.
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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

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  Vampire 500 V2+ Compatibility Issue With 2.17 CoreAngelo C03624 Sep 16:28
  Micro SD Not Working On My Firebird V4Alper Ocak210424 Sep 14:30Alper Ocak
  Direct ASM Coding Expansion Ports ?Chris Chris213123 Sep 18:38Chris Chris
  Vampire V2-500+ - Can't Update to Core 2.17Steve Knox726921 Sep 07:56Gunnar von Boehn
  Einbau Firebird V4Kristof C.438811 Sep 18:11Kristof C.
  Noticed Amiga Freezes (V4 and Firebird)John William651131 Aug 15:30John William
  What the Heck Is Kraken?   (1, 2, 3 )Björn 1200524381125 Aug 17:08Nadyr Nick
  Changing BatteryMartin Ketter9201420 Aug 14:51John William
  Chip RAM In 2023/1 CoreManfred Bergmann6188229 Jul 09:12Gunnar von Boehn
  M.Sata SSD Drive Or Compact Flash, What's Better?Massimo Billi260028 Jul 16:52John William
  Are There Plans to Turn the USB Into ...John William461328 Jul 06:16John William
  How to Activate AGA Chipset On My Firebird?John William867326 Jul 21:24John William
  I Am Setting Up My Hard Drive NowJohn William1457525 Jul 06:47John William
  Change From ApolloOS to Kickstart 3.2.1John William462721 Jul 17:33Kamelito Loveless
  "sagasd.device" Automount?Alexander Gent245916 Jul 03:34Alexander Gent
  Sagasd.device Vs Compactflash.deviceAlexander Gent259012 Jul 01:57Alexander Gent
  Sound Vampire Standalone V4   (1, 2 )Marcus Marcus20653407 Jul 10:11Gunnar von Boehn
  V500 2+ ProblemOi Ho5168928 Jun 23:32Geirmund Eidet
  V1200 Core Rev?Stefan Kvarnström150828 Jun 17:00S Gore
  Apollo Omni Boot LoaderMr Darren Ellis046927 Jun 19:12
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