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Vampire 500 V2+ Compatibility Issue With 2.17 Core

Angelo C

Posts 15
24 Sep 2023 16:28

Gunnar and team,

I am running a Vampire 500 v2+ on my A2000.
The A2000 is equipped with some Zorro cards, one of them being an Oktagon 2008 SCSI controller. This is a non-DMA device.

After upgrading to release 2.17, I ran into the situation where I got a pop-up window (it looks similar to the guru meditation window except that it's in yellow rather than red) upon system power-up that reads:

SOFTSCSI Warning: eeprom missing or defective !!!

Press mouse button to continue

This particular error has occurred in the past, perhaps once or twice. I usually just press the mouse button and the system resumes fine.

With 2.17 core, pressing the mouse button does not resolve the issue. The screen seems to blink, I'm guessing the mouse button press was detected, and the screen is still present, most likely because it can't detect the eeprom.

Reverting to 2.16b of course solves the issue.

The Oktagon is used with my scsi drive and cd-rom.

Of course, I can opt out of scsi and stick with IDE (or stick with 2.16b).

I just want to bring this issue up in the event why this is occurring may be obvious to the developers and a fix may be easy to do.


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