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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

The Wiki...

Terry Carter

Posts 4
15 Jan 2022 19:37

(Update) Ahhh...I had to dig. This is the constant Amiga issue...legal matters, who owns what. Why not just keep the Wiki site up with a disclaimer stating "We are taking down the cores due to legal issues concerning the ownership rights of the Amiga Kickstart ROMs. We apologize for any inconvenience but it's beyond our control." But instead you remove the entire site, lying that it's website maintenance, it certainly doesn't build trust in the community.
****************** Original Post ******************
  We were told the wiki (https://wiki.apollo-accelerators.com/) was down for maintenance...for a better Amiga experience. It's apparently the worlds longest website maintenance to occur. I, for one, would like to update my aged V2-500 core, but the cores are unavailable. I'd like to add a ENC28J60 to it as well, but that guide is gone also.
    It seems the V2 users have been abandoned in favor of the 'new flavor of the month' Vampire...maybe not, but not holding my breath either.

Tim Trepanier

Posts 125
15 Jan 2022 22:22

I know from a users perspective, especially v2 users, that Apollo Team isn't doing anything.

However, i can assure you everyone is very busy behind the scenes. New cores for v2 users are "coming soon". Yeah, i know, you've hear that one before. But it's true. New green cores for V4SA, Firebird and IceDrake are also getting closer and major website updates are being worked on.

The small team size makes having these and other projects on the go at once difficult to manage. As a result we are also looking at ways to streamline the work. For example, the new web based shop has helped us and our users a lot.

We are also looking for ways to streamline the way we update the rest of the website, make testing of cores and ApolloOS go faster, remove minor tasks from Gunnar so he can concentrate where he's most needed and more. Of course researching and implementing these streamlining activities also takes time in the short run.

Tim Noyce

Posts 140
16 Jan 2022 00:57

I've seen some new alpha V2 V1200 cores being generated, so I know the process is in fact ongoing. Same with V4 SA. So yes, there are things going on.

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