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V600 V2 / HDMI Flat Ribbon

Cyrille Guillet

Posts 37
19 Dec 2021 16:57

  I have a V600 V2 and i plugged an DIGITAL-VIDEO Flat Ribbon cable for DIGITAL-VIDEO connexion.
  during 3 days, i had freezes of my Vampire. I unplugged all other devices, like CFIDE, ethernet adapter, and so on. Boot with a simple install 3.2 ADF and same problem...
  Finaly i unplugged this ribbon cable en connect directly the DIGITAL-VIDEO cable to my Monitor and It works fine.
  Do you know this problem ? or any informations that explains that ?

Oups, sorry, i posted in a wrong section, if someone can move it.

Andrew Miller

Posts 352
20 Dec 2021 05:46

Sounds like an issue with the cable. Maybe a short circuit?

Cyrille Guillet

Posts 37
20 Dec 2021 10:14

yes, the problem is the Cable but it's bizare because the problem appeared about 20s after the boot. I don't understand.

Herbert Markart

Posts 45
20 Dec 2021 11:01

Maybe it is interfering with other hardware, the moment it switches to a higher resolution, because of bad shielding of the wires.

Roy Gillotti

Posts 494
20 Dec 2021 14:42

Yeah these ribbon cables don't appear to have much or any shielding, likely interference. 

Cyrille Guillet

Posts 37
20 Dec 2021 15:29

ok it's a shame because this cable is very usefull for making a clean DIGITAL-VIDEO output

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