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AmigaOS 3.2 With V1200

Jd 64

Posts 36
26 Oct 2021 16:39

I have flashed AmigaOS 3.2 Kickstart image into the Vampire using Vampireflash and I'm trying to get AmigaOS 3.2 to bootup with my V1200 but it won't unless I go into the Amiga Early Startup Screen, Boot Options and untick "Update ROM Modules".

I have to do this everytime I reset or else I'll get a Guru meditation error screen upon bootup. Is there something in startup-sequence I can change to prevent this?

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 586
27 Oct 2021 08:38

I have no problem running 3.2 on my v1200.  Did you do a fresh install on a clean CF?
What I suggest for a fresh install is to make two partitions on the CF with UAE (using install adf. Fast format them. Put on the work partition all the files needed (3.2 ISO, saga driver, mui, roadshow, Ibrowse etc + lha for decompress), then make a phisical install floppy with writeadf or similar. From that you should install everything without problems

Jd 64

Posts 36
27 Oct 2021 19:03

Yes, it's a fresh install on SD card which works good on my 060 Amiga but not on my V1200 for some reason.

Kasper Olesen

Posts 1
27 Oct 2021 21:36

I had some boot problems with my Classic WB install. I suspect its a problem if there are 060 libraries installed in the AmigaOS / WB installation.

Not sure. I have been testing with a clean install of Workbench 1.3 and 3.1 and they both work. I guess I might need to do a clean install of ClassicWB.

Jd 64

Posts 36
27 Oct 2021 23:44

Yes, you're right. Removing all libraries from libs solved the problem and it's now working perfect. Thanks!

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