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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

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Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5617
13 Jan 2022 14:36

nick fellows wrote:

  polyp2000 .
  In the discord theres actually a discussion where you explain the need for the flashed kick to include support for the second IDE.
  above in this thread you said
  "This is not true.
  You can use another Rom and continue to use the IDE ports."

  Yes, this is correct.
  You can use both ports.
nick fellows wrote:

These two things seem mutually exclusive to me,
Gunnar von Boehn wrote:

c) flash a kick with the recent flashtool which should add support for the 2nd IDE

You quote me here.
This is actually funny. :-)
I already tried to tell you in the post that you quote:
All you need is to flash any kick, the flashing tool will add support for the 2nd IDE automatically.
I hope this is more clear now?
I think you simply misunderstand what I said to you.
Can this be?

Son Goku

Posts 5
13 Jan 2022 19:53

So....with flashing, for example Aros.rom from ApolloOS R6, will enable 2nd.scsi.device for Boot?

Edgar Fink

Posts 44
19 Jan 2022 15:27

Since no updated V2 cores were delivered in December, some kind of progress update/status on the new V2 cores would be nice.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5617
19 Jan 2022 20:31

If you are on discord channel then you can join the betacoretester group.

As you might know we publish beta cores there.

Thank you

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