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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Vampire 1200V2 Gold 2.13 7950

Jeremy Hubbard

Posts 18
08 Oct 2021 06:45

Upgraded to Gold 2.13 and noticed that some traditional old school demos fail to run as they did before the upgrade. Is it possible to revert to 2.12? If so, I am unable to download it. I am running Coffin OS59.

Sean Sk

Posts 464
08 Oct 2021 10:37

You can download the GOLD 2.12 executable from here:

Just remember that you will lose Vampire IDE functionality if you downgrade. You'll only be able to use the A1200's onboard IDE.

NoXLar - DemoSceneLover

Posts 54
08 Oct 2021 23:40

maybe report what demoes that worked and now don't work, so they could identify problem more easily.  if they interest fixing them.
  personally, i have high hopes for running demoes  from 94" era to the newest.

Alessandro Bacchia

Posts 6
09 Oct 2021 09:53

I also want to ask a problem found in Vampire Gold 2.13, but it is not about the demos. In essence, the new upgrade makes the system Format program unusable. In fact, if you try to format a hard disk, a floppy ect, you run into an immediate crash.
Even just by running the Format program.
Also the same thing happens if you try to run the HDToolBox program.
I honestly do not understand the reason for this anomaly.
Thanks for the attention.

Jeremy Hubbard

Posts 18
11 Oct 2021 22:01

This link does not work for me. Any other way to get the 2.12 file?


Sean Sk

Posts 464
12 Oct 2021 22:38

Then try on another computer. There's nothing wrong with the link.

Knight Stone

Posts 135
13 Oct 2021 22:44

i have noticed that ADescent, the Amiga port of Descent, doesn't work on the latest core.

Steve Hodson

Posts 26
15 Oct 2021 23:13

Knight Stone wrote:

  i have noticed that ADescent, the Amiga port of Descent, doesn't work on the latest core.

  Working here, running the version from Coffin (r54...I don't have anything newer in the 1200) in RTG,

I wonder if it is a Screenmode Database problem?

Alessandro Bacchia

Posts 6
16 Oct 2021 06:20

I asked for an explanation in my previous post, concerning the problem of the inability to use the system Format program. Obviously stupid demos are much more important! Thanks anyway.

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 689
16 Oct 2021 09:12

I would recommend you to join discord because there is much more activity there and ask again

Alessandro Bacchia

Posts 6
17 Oct 2021 09:11

Why do I have to subscribe to discord, isn't this the right forum to discuss core update issues?
I have installed the AmigaOS 3.9 customized as I like it, and frankly the various coffin, aros, ApolloOS make me sick.
I never liked those operating systems, I prefer the Os developed by the defunct Commodore or those developed by Haage & Partner. Pre-packaged operating systems like Windows and Apple users a lot, I don't.
An operating system is installed by its user and customized by the latter, with all the consequences. Anyway, thanks for the immense help you gave me to my problem (in an ironic sense)

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5732
17 Oct 2021 09:57

Alessandro Bacchia wrote:

Why do I have to subscribe to discord,

Olaf was just pointing out to you that the discord support channel is very active with literally hundreds or thousands of Amiga users online. And that the discord channel is perfect place to get instant help.
The discord channel is just quicker, you can get instant answers there, and people wanting to help you can also ask you questions back about your setup and can get from you faster the information they need to help you.

Alessandro Bacchia

Posts 6
17 Oct 2021 14:43

No thanks, I'll wait for the new core to be released, and if it goes wrong I'll go back and reinstall version 7989 (2.12).
I close the discussion.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5732
17 Oct 2021 14:54

Alessandro Bacchia wrote:

No thanks,

And this is exactly the point.
You post a question and get an answer, and it takes you 5 hours to reply to it.  5 hours delay between answers really makes it a lot harder to debugging something together. 
In my experience support questions like you often result in questions back and forth.

What is your setting here, which version of the tool did you install there, what did you select here... Did you try this? Did you try that?

In an interactive chat following 10 questions can be done in some minutes or a quarter hour. If you do this in forum with several hours between question and answer this becomes an very long story.

Alessandro Bacchia

Posts 6
17 Oct 2021 15:06

I just asked a question regarding an inherent problem in the new core, aren't you a developer wrong? I post an alleged bug in the forum, I describe according to my impressions what I find. And then the other users have not encountered the same problem? If the latter have not had any problems, obviously I'm a poor loser. Don't worry, just ignore my posts and keep worrying about the demos.
I'll wait for the new core, goodbye.

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 586
18 Oct 2021 13:04

Hi Alessandro. I've never had problems with the 'format' command or hdtools on my v1200 (independently by core used) I asked other italians friends to try and make some format tests and no one reported issues with latest v1200 core. I suppose your crashes are not core-related.
As I suppose you are an Italian vampire users maybe we can better investigate your issue on our Italian forum. If we can we try to help each other..no vampire user is a looser ;D


Alessandro Bacchia

Posts 6
18 Oct 2021 18:34

Hello Stefano and thank you for your interest in my problem.
  Honestly, I didn't quite understand the story of having to subscribe to another discussion forum (discord) to submit the issue of an alleged bug in the last core. Maybe I posted this problem wrong, but in the end it had to be more or less like this: "Hey guys I found this problem, is it like this with you too?" I was also accused of letting hours pass between one answer and another, but I'm not one of those people constantly glued to the forums. Also I would like to update you that you have solved the HDToolBox problem, I discovered in the tooltypes of the program itself that by disabling the ASKDEVICE item everything returns to work. Nothing to do with the famous Format. There is certainly something wrong. However, I have decided that I will no longer intervene in this forum. I'll handle it myself one way or another. I joined your forum and I'll be back don't worry. Thanks again.

Edgar Fink

Posts 47
20 Oct 2021 09:22

I also experience problems with AmigaOS 3.9 (through coffin 59) on V1200. Tab completion across filesystems immediately crash (freezes) the system. Doing random stuff like opening CLOCK 10 times crashes the system. No guru code to report.

This V1200 is running the lastest available core 2.13 7950.

These problems are not seen on AmigaOS 3.2.

I am booting from the A1200 IDE interface, if that might make a difference.

posts 18