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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

RGB2HDMI V2 500 Compatibility

Peter Weuffen

Posts 40
03 Apr 2021 01:35

i can report that rgb2hdmi pi works fine with the amiga 2000 video card slot adapter

test hardware as follows:
A2000 6.2 recapped pcb / psu
Vampire V2 500 X13 core, 128gb X1066 CF, Lan adapter installed, edu arana cpu slot adapter
DKB Mega Chip
Buddha flash 20-year anniversary edition
Rapid road usb
OS 3.9

Andrea Ottaviani

Posts 32
03 Apr 2021 10:33

interesting....i use RGBtoDIGITAL-VIDEO in my A2000 too, but i've not the Vampire in it, only a TerribleFire (i vampirized only my A600 and my A1200).
So, now you have two hdmi output? do you manually switch from Vampire and RGBtoDIGITAL-VIDEO outputs?

Thorsten B

Posts 17
03 Apr 2021 16:42

My Monitor has several inputs which can be manually switched. (The monitor senses when one signal stops). With my Amigas on the TV I use a 3-Way Switch with autosense and manual control.

Peter Weuffen

Posts 40
04 Apr 2021 01:24

hdmi audio spliter it has 3 hdmi inputs one out put

Nick (chiark)

Posts 5
07 Apr 2021 14:49

I too have the RGBtoDIGITAL-VIDEO with Pi in my A500 with Vampire V2+, and it works perfectly.  It's a bit of a squeeze but it fits.

posts 5