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2.5.1 On V2+ 2.12 - No Output?

Nick (chiark)

Posts 5
30 Mar 2021 13:34

Hi all, I thought it about time to update from 2.11 to 2.12, and also from SAGA 1.7 to 2.5.1
  After I updated the core to 2.11 my RTG no longer worked, however since upgrading SAGA I still have no joy with RTG actually displaying anything.
  I do get a vampire logo on DIGITAL-VIDEO out when I cold boot, but that's it.
  I notice also that the installer is copying the 7649 version of vampiregfx to the libs:picasso96 - is that correct?
  I've stripped back to basics, reinstalled p96, then saga, and still no output.  Any clues?

Carlos Roldan

Posts 32
30 Mar 2021 17:52

Same thing happened to me... I pushed my V500 v2+ to make sure it was correctly in socket and same thing with my CF card and cables, and it worked.  Good luck my friend.

Nikos Pagonis

Posts 72
31 Mar 2021 09:49

I would check the following:
  1) What monitor drivers are in your Devs:Monitors. You should have vampiregfx with its icon and maybe PAL or NTSC. You dont need any other.
  2) Did you go to screenmodes to see what resolutions it gives you?
  3) Picasso96Mode in prefs what settings appear in there? Give us a screenshot
  Core 2.12 works fine with Saga 2.5.1 on RTG.

Nick (chiark)

Posts 5
07 Apr 2021 14:47

Thanks both!  I was getting the screenmodes in prefs, and also P96mode was listing resolutions, however the screen just ended up black every time.

Reseated the card, despite it working absolutely fine prior to upgrade - as suggested by Carlos - and everything is fine.

Really, really odd!  Thanks for the support, the performance is blistering.

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