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Opening the V4 for First Time,with Big Surprise.

Dj Up

Posts 37
04 Mar 2021 18:04

Good evening to all.

Well yesterday I played around with the FS-UAE and trying to see if I had understood the V4BL guide correct. I did not have the CF-card reader for pc or even a new CF-card yet.. In middle of the night I remember to check an old HP-computer that is collecting dust.. I knew it had some sorts of card-reader in it.. volla.. I found one..Strange times.

Anyway,today I then decided to see if the reader works,so I needed to take the CF-card out from the V4,and to my big surprise,it contain a 128GB-card and not 32 as I was led to believe after having a look at my order. I have no idea if this is a mistake,or so..but man.. that was one nice surprise to find after owning it for over 2 months or so. I have been playing around with Apollo OS and just not had any reason yet to open the case,so since this came right after xmas,I just had xmas-eve again now.

Wish I had a cold beer now..

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1896/ 1
04 Mar 2021 18:51

Newer V4 configs do come with 128gb card

Tim Noyce

Posts 140
04 Mar 2021 19:10

Early version came with a 16Gb by default, but you could upgrade to a 32Gb for a small fee. Around Christmas of last year, they released a newer board with 3 USB ports (additional port for a compatible joypad), and I believe it was at that time they started shipping the 128Gb instead.

Michael MiB

Posts 53
05 Mar 2021 03:51

No, not for me, it is a V4+ with 32 Go (extra cost from 16 Go) ... End of november 2020.

The good surprise was ... Bought a V4, got a V4+

Dj Up

Posts 37
06 Mar 2021 01:09

Aha.. I did not know this,and when it was my time the mail I got still said 32gb. Only thing I noticed right away was that it was the V4+ so things had happen while waiting 6-7 months or so.

Of course with the great surprise something had to even it out a bit,every plan I had halted when the old CF-card-reader did not work in either of my OS.. So now I must wait for my order for one to arrive before completing the task at hand anyway.

Maybe I need to do some meditation while waiting.

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