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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

V4 / V4+ Virtual Floppy and Virtual Cdrom

Matthew Langtry

Posts 194
20 Feb 2021 22:16

is there going to public beta test or general release with release 6 of firmware?

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1800
21 Feb 2021 16:13

Can't answer the firmware question, but such functionality can be added by this kind of tools to OS EXTERNAL LINK

Matthew Langtry

Posts 194
23 Feb 2021 16:31

big gun said he needs to tests this before any releases on discord

"uigiflipToday at 16:16

@BigGun is there going to be public beta of bootable virtual floppies? or maybe in general release 6?

BigGunToday at 16:16

i need to test it first"

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