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Email Received, How to Be Sure That's Not Phishing

Elrick Landon

Posts 2
04 Jan 2021 19:53


How do I know that the email I received is not a phishing attack?
What is the e-mail address used by the Apollo team to inform customers who have registered?
How do I know?

Do you know from which country the material is being shipped from?

Best Regards,


Simon Whittle

Posts 1
06 Jan 2021 21:45

My Vampire 4 was shipped from Germany.
The email address that I was mailed from was shop@apollo-computer.com

Hope that helps.

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 380
06 Jan 2021 23:19

It is unclear for what card you got the mail, for accelerator or standalone version. I did send several mails recently for accelerator cards and they are from apollo-accelerators.com with my personal mail inside where you can send questions.
If its for V4SA(standalone) version then it is like Simon Whittle explained.

Carlos Roldan

Posts 25
07 Jan 2021 00:01

I purchased the Vampire 500 v2+ and also the V4 SA.  Both were diffrent e-mails but arrived just fine after I paid.

Thorsten B

Posts 3
07 Jan 2021 23:36

just look up your order status I guess?

Elrick Landon

Posts 2
08 Jan 2021 08:31

I receive email from igor majstorovic <imajstorovic@yahoo.com> about Vampire 500 V2+ card order.
So it is your official email ?

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1769
08 Jan 2021 13:18

Elrick Landon wrote:

  I receive email from igor majstorovic <imajstorovic@yahoo.com> about Vampire 500 V2+ card order.
    So it is your official email ?

  Igor Majstorovic is MAJSTA, your V500 and V600 wizzard.
  imajstorovic is his official e-mail.

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 380
08 Jan 2021 15:47

Hil, yes that is my mail address who is included in mail you get from our server, so from apollo-accelerators.com

Mike Wroughton

Posts 1
13 Jan 2021 22:51

Hi Elrick,

There is one foolproof way you can confirm that the email is genuine.

Step 1) Open the email you received

Step 2) View the headers of the email using the "view headers" or "view source" option in your email client.

A good source of instructions for modern email clients is here - EXTERNAL LINK 
Step 3) Search the message headers/source for a line that contains the letters SPF

If you see a line that says something like SPF "pass", this means that the server that sent the email is trusted by the owner of the email address.  See example below from my Vampire order invite...

Received-SPF: pass (google.com: domain of srs0=udz2=gg=apollo-accelerators.com=no-reply@bounce.secureserver.net designates as permitted sender)

In this above example, you can see that Gmail checked the email sender address against the server that sent the email, and confirmed that the email is trusted/legitimate.

You can use this same check on most emails you receive.  I would guess that approximately 95% of legitimate email will show an SPF "pass" and nearly 100% of dodgy email will NOT show "pass"

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